Thickness Gauge

Model: PW-TCK-T02

The PW-TCK-T02 thickness gauge adopts a mechanical contact measurement method. The design of the whole machine strictly meets the requirements of the standard. It is professionally suitable for the thickness of various materials such as plastic film, sheet, diaphragm, foil, silicon wafer, paper, etc. Accurate measurement.

Test principle

The PW-TCK-T02 thickness gauge adopts a mechanical contact measurement method. The sample is placed on the test platform, and the measuring head is dropped through the transmission device. Under a certain measuring pressure and contact area, the sample is read by a high-precision sensor. thickness.

GB/T 6672、GB/T  451.3、GB/T 6547、ASTM  D645、ASTM D374、ASTM D1777、T   APPI T411、ISO 4593、ISO  534、ISO 3034、DIN  53105、DIN  53353、JIS K6250、JIS  K6328、 JIS  K6783、JIS  Z1702、BS   3983、BS   4817、ASTM  D6988、ASTM  F2251、BS   2782-6、DIN
53370、ISO  9073-2、ISO  12625-3、ISO  5084、ASTM  D3652、GB/T  24218.2、FEFCO  No 3、EN  1942
Basic application

It is suitable for measuring the thickness of plastic films, sheets, diaphragms, paper, cardboard, foils, silicon wafers, metal sheets, textile materials, solid electrical insulators, non-woven materials and other materials.


1. The contact area and measurement pressure are designed in strict accordance with the standard, and various non-standard customizations are supported;
2. Using high-precision thickness measurement sensors, effectively guarantee the accuracy and repeatability of the measurement data;
3. The measuring head is automatically raised and lowered, effectively avoiding system errors caused by human factors;
4. It supports manual and automatic modes, which is convenient for users to use;
5. The standard micro printer can realize real-time historical data printing function;
6. Standard gauge block is standard, which is convenient for users to calibrate the sensor and better guarantee the accuracy of measurement data;
7. The key components are imported from world-renowned brands to ensure the accuracy and stability of the system;
8. Imported high-speed and high-precision sampling chip to ensure the real-time and accuracy of test data;
9. 7-inch high-definition color LCD screen, convenient for users to control and display real-time data and curves;
10. Support historical data for quick viewing and report printing.

Index Parameter
Range 02mm (standard); 06mm, 012mm (optional)
Resolution 0.1um
Repeatability 0.3um
Test speed 125 times/min
Measuring pressure 17.5±1 KPa (film); 50±1 KPa (paper)
Contact area 50 mm2 (film); 200 mm2 (paper) Note: Choose one of film and paper; non-standard can be customized
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz / AC 120V 60 Hz
Dimensions 320mm (L)×400 mm (W)×420 mm (H)
Approximate net weight 33kg