SAC Composite Salt Spray Test Chamber

Model: PW-SAC series
Product Overview

SAC composite salt spray test chamber (purchase various functions according to the requirements of the test, such as: salt spray, drying, low temperature, damp heat, condensation, soaking) and other composite accelerated corrosion tests are closest to the actual natural conditions, compared with the natural environment The conditions often encountered are simulated to test the degree of damage suffered by the product within a certain time frame.
Through this test box, several times of severe natural environmental conditions are combined for testing, such as salt spray, air drying, standard atmospheric pressure, constant temperature and humidity, and low temperature. This salt spray test is made into relevant national standards, and detailed regulations have been made. It has been developed from the initial neutral salt spray test to: acetate salt spray test, copper salt accelerated acetate salt spray test and alternating Various forms such as salt spray test. This test box is a fully automatic touch screen, which can accurately simulate the environmental test conditions required by today's manufacturing industry. It is a rare ultra-high cost-effective test box in the domestic market.

Application field

The equipment is widely used in aerospace, automobiles, motorcycles, military weapons, electrical and electronics, chemical coatings, quality inspection and measurement, ships and railways and other enterprises and institutions, as well as universities and scientific research institutions. It is one of the important equipment that is necessary for environmental adaptability and reliability tests of metal material protective layers, various parts, electronic components and industrial products

Feature and Test meets standards


Insulation design, energy-saving cabinet, anti-deformation, removable top cover, remote monitoring, mass testing, touch programmable temperature and humidity controller

Test meets standards

ASTM-B117, B287, B-380, JISD-0201, H-8610, H-8502, Z-2371, K-5400, DIN50021-75, ISO3768, 3769, 3770, GJB150, CNS3627, 3885, 4159, 7669, 8866, GB/T2423.17, GB/T10125-1997 and other related standards.

1. Comprehensive anti-corrosion structure, high-performance reinforced multi-layer glass fiber polyester resin box, various auxiliary accessories and facilities are also made of temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, and there is a reinforced steel frame inside. It has good resistance to chemicals and high temperature corrosion resistance, and it will not react with the test piece by electrochemical corrosion.
2. The touch screen programmable controller is used to completely display the test data and can switch between Chinese and English.
3. The cycles of spraying, drying and damp heat can be fully controlled and adjusted.
4. The special precision nozzle can generate mist smoothly to ensure the even distribution of salt mist and the accurate collection rate in the box.
5. Mobile external salt solution tank, flow meter accurately monitor the flow of salt solution.
6. The opening of the box cover is optional pneumatic opening/closing, equipped with adjustable casters and base, easy and free.
7. After the test, there is an automatic defogging device, which can clearly observe the sample in the test.
8. The salt spray testing machine has multiple system protections and is safe and reliable to use. All electrical appliances are equipped with circuit breakers, and all industrial heaters are equipped with electronic and mechanical overheat protection devices.
9. The air conditioning device and pressure gauge can monitor the air pressure, which is also required to achieve precise spray distribution.

Model SAC-510 SAC-748 SAC-1140
Inner box size (L*W*H)mm 1200x850x500 1600x850x550 2000x950x600
Carton size (L*W*H)mm 1900x1150x1500 2300x1150x1550 2700x1350x1600
Temperature range RT~60℃
Test solution Purified water + sodium chloride (according to the standard)
Power requirements 220V 50/60HZ Single-phase, other voltage power supply can be provided on request
Compressed air 40~120 psi( Bring your own air compressor)