High Precision Foam Compression Resistance Tester

Model: PW-UTM1K8C
PW-UTM1K8C high-precision foam compression resistance tester is a high-precision machine designed for conductive foam, which can test the corresponding force and resistance value when the foam is compressed to a certain height or compression rate. The foa
Machine structure:
Driven by AC servo motor and driven by precision ball screw;
One-piece compact structure, occupying less laboratory space;
The shell is treated with advanced electrostatic spraying, the color matching is beautiful, and it is durable;
Up and down stroke fine-tuning switch;
Quick-release joint can easily replace different functional fixtures;

Machine protection:
Overtravel, overcapacity protection, emergency brake switch;

Machine function:
Powerful auxiliary tools for data analysis statistics and curve graph analysis, with functions such as zoom in, zoom out, pan, cross cursor, and point selection. Multiple historical test data can be imported into the graph and displayed at the same time for comparative analysis. The multi-interval setting, 40 manual points, 120 automatic points. It has various statistical functions such as maximum value, minimum value, average value, high and low average value, median, standard deviation, overall standard deviation, and CPK value.

Capacity selection 10N,20N,50N,100N,200N,500N,1KN
Control method Full computer control, powerful software
Unit of strength N, kN, gf, kgf, lbf, kP, tf(SI), tf(long), etc.
Length unit mm, cm, inch, m, km, um, etc.
Stress unit Pa, Kpa, Mpa, Gpa, KN/m2, N/m2, etc.
Strength resolution 1/1,000,000
Precision Better than level 0.5
Stroke resolution 1/1,000,000
Effective stroke  50mm
Speed range 0.01~500mm/min (can be customized)
Test space Ø140mm
Stop mode Overload shutdown, emergency stop button, automatic shutdown of specimen damage, automatic shutdown of upper and lower limit settings.
Machine power Servo motor drive
Machine size (W×D×H) About 550×590×600mm
Machine net weight  45KG
Power 400W
Power supply 220V 50~60HZ
Machine equipment 1 USB\232 cable, 1 software
Accessories Special compression fixture, resistance tester, special test tablet;