Portable Precise 3D Scanner T-Scan Hawk for 3D Scanning

Model: PW-Tscan hawk1
The new PW-Tscan Hawk1 is portable, precise and made to make a difference: In combination with the pre-installed software GOM Inspect Suite, the powerful solution assists you along every step of your task. From scanning high-quality 3D data to delivering
Discover the new PW-Tscan hawk1 with GOM Inspect Suite, a portable scanning solution.

- Made for Makers.
The new PW-Tscan Hawk1 with GOM Inspect Suite.

- Made to be Portable.
The new PW-Tscan Hawk1 is designed to capture data wherever it is needed. The lightweight hand-held solution supports you in production or on site.

- Made to be Precise.
The portable 3D laser scanner includes impressive technical features such as photogrammetry of large objects, multiple laser sources and three scanning modes even for fine details or deep pockets - all to deliver 3D measurement data with the highest precision.

- Made to make a difference.
The new PW-Tscan Hawk1 with pre-installed GOM Inspect Suite is a complete solution to simplify your entire workflow from scanning to evaluation and reporting.

- Making quality visible GOM Inspect Suite.
GOM Inspect Suite makes just about anything possible. The all-in-one solution allows you to import CAD data and acquire measuring data regardless of the system. It supports you in 3D printing and assists you in inspection and evaluation. It's the established standard in 3D metrology that simplifies and speeds up your workflow.

- Made for maintenance.
The new PW-Tscan Hawk1 with GOM Inspect Suite assists you in maintenance, repair and overhaul. Wherever the job leads you, the portable solution travels with you in just one case. It helps you find defects and draw the right conclusions fast.

- Made for Manufacturers.
The new PW-Tscan Hawk1 with GOM Inspect Suite is the all-in-one solution that puts industrial precision in your hands. Take it to molding and production areas or wherever it is needed, upgrade your quality control from tool to final part or fully digitize any object to create a digital twin.

- Made for Makers.
The new PW-Tscan Hawk1 with GOM Inspect Suite is your ideal partner for 3D metrology. The flexible hand-held solution supports you with tasks such as 3D printing, rapid prototyping and gets you there faster and easier.