Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber (vertical type)

Model: PW-CTH100-40
Size: a. Internal size: W50×H50×D40cm.
          b. External dimensions: W78×H157×D105cm
          c. Space requirement: W140×H200×D137cm

Material: a. Inner box material: mirror stainless steel plate (SUS#304).
b.Outer box material: first-class steel plate electrostatic spray.
c. Base material: National standard angle iron.
d. Thermal insulation material: rigid Polyurethane foam + glass wool.
Air circulation system: a.60W motor 1
b. Lengthen the axis.
c. Multi-wing wind wheel.
d. Special adjustable louver air circulation system.
Box door: Single open door, left open, handle on the right hand side.
Window: Three vacuum layers.
Door buckle: embedded non-reaction flat handle.
Back button: SUS#304.
Window light: 13W.
Test hole: 1 50mm hole on the left side of the body, 1 stainless steel hole cover, 1 silicone plug.

Cooling System:                           
Compressor: French Taikang fully enclosed compressor.
Refrigerant: environmentally friendly refrigerant R-404A.
Condenser: Air-cooled condenser.
Evaporator: fin type evaporator.
Other originals: filter drier (ALCO in the United States), solenoid valve (Lu Gong in Japan);
Refrigeration accessories such as oil separator (American ALCO) are imported.
Surrounding environment requirements
1. Power requirements for this machine:
A. Power: AC, single-phase, 50/60HZ, 220V, 3.5KW. Allowable voltage variation: ±10% of rated voltage
B. Maximum load capacity: 3.5KVA
C. Maximum current: 16A
2, the use of ambient temperature requirements: 0 ℃ ~ 33 ℃
3. Performance guarantee temperature environment requirements: 5℃~28℃
4. The relative humidity requirements of the operating environment: ≤85%R.H
5. Atmospheric pressure of operating environment: 86~106K
6. The test box should be placed horizontally in a well-ventilated test room, without strong vibration around, no strong electromagnetic field influence, no high-concentration dust, flammable, explosive, volatile, and corrosive substances, no direct sunlight or other heat sources Direct radiation (quite important)
Temperature range: -40℃~150℃   
Humidity range: 20%~98%RH    
Heating time: -40℃~+100℃ within 45min (no load)
Cooling time: +20℃~-40℃ within 45min (no load)
Control stability: temperature ±1.0℃, humidity ±1.0%RH    
Control uniformity: temperature ±2.0℃, humidity ±3.0%RH

                       Temperature and humidity range chart